Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Buckle mod

I have a strap that I like but I don't really like the finish on the buckle. It is neither polished or brushed. It is in-between I guess. I decided to mod the buckle to a brushed finished. 

The buckle in question. The logo has been 'removed'. 

The back of the buckle. You can see the finish of the buckle. Oh, this is not the real GPF buckle. :)

I use that green stuff you have in the kitchen to clean your pots and pans. In the photograph below, you can see the lower half of the buckle already have the brushed finish. It is easy actually, just brush it in the direction that you want. 

The top half done. Only the center portion and the tang to go. 

The dust and residue from the green stuff. :)

The finished product. I will be doing a second round soon. Will try the orange version of the green stuff and see how is the finish. 

Next step? Looking at getting into strap making.....

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