Friday, July 20, 2012


High end Seiko watches....

Beautiful, well made with awesome finish. The photographs does the watch no justice. Perhaps one day.....

Grand Seiko. Just look at the beautiful dial. 

The Seiko Galante collection. Also known as the G.L.T. in some markets. These watches are fitted with the latest high end Seiko movements like the Spring Drive movements. Very art deco in design?

These watches retails above USD 5,000. 

As for me, I settle for these at the moment. My Seiko diver collection. 

Seiko 130th Anniversary watch. 

An old 007 diver.

And the orange monster.


  1. I love the GLT Seikos.
    Not Art Deco but art noveau at the moment...but you will be surely correct, I am betting that this will bring Seiko up, all the way to the Swiss...and beyond.
    Also the price at the moment is almost cost.
    They will prove historically GREAT purchasing the buying of any rm002 in 2004.

  2. Hi Bernard,

    Welcome to the blog. It is indeed great to have you on my blog. Thank you for correcting me on the art deco thing. It is the first time I have seen the G.L.T. watches and have to say that they are very well made and looks awesome. Perhaps one day....

    Best regards,


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