Thursday, March 21, 2013

And now we are 10.....

Got a surprise gift from my wife today.....

Panerai PAM00024C. 

I had a PAM00024D before but sold it when I rationalised my collection to only historic models. However, it has always been at the back of my mind. I like the PAM00024 although most collectors do not. 

So it was a pleasant surprise when I got this watch today. Got to love the polished bezel of the PAM00024C (A, B and C had the polished 12 click bezel).

Some patina love. Yes, it is a T dial.

Need to work on the white balance. :(

While Panerai made 1,500 PAM00024 in 2000, on the case back is engraved 2,000. Interesting yes? More about this when I review the watch. :) 

I like the fact that the watch is from year 2000 and the millesimation is also 2,000.

The watch fitted with a Ted Su French Ammo strap. 

The colours of the French flag.

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