Saturday, March 30, 2013

Panerai Boutique Bangkok

Since I am in Bangkok, I thought I drop by the Panerai Boutique in Bangkok. The last time I was in Bangkok, it was being renovated. Anyway, I think the boutique, although smaller, is much friendlier and warmer. 

The usual suspects could be found in the shop, but it was interesting to see that this watch was in stock, the PAM00504 Radiomir Composite 47mm. Tried it on for size. Have to say that it is a nice watch with the P.3000 in-house movement. I like it. Maybe as much as the PAM00504 I tried earlier in Taipei. 

Had a look at the PAM00292 Radiomir Black Seal 45mm just for comparison. :) Sorry, no photograph. 

Since I was there (and since I saw a PAM00372 in the wild), I thought I give it another try. See if it sing to me. Sadly, it did not..... :(

The PAM00372.

The PAM00372 in the wild. 

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