Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Buckle change

First thing time read the instruction manual that comes with the camera. Secondly, apologies for the soft photographs, never take macro shots on the Fuji X100 at f2..... duh.....

This is my PAM210 with a locally (Malaysia) sourced strap. It comes with a brushed buckle with spring bars which does not suit the watch as it is polished. 

So Wotancraft to the rescue. Got a 26mm polished buckle from them. 

The original (not original Panerai) brushed buckle. 

The new polished X-Mas buckle. Comes in a nice packaging and screwdriver. 

The Wotancraft buckle. X-Mas logo at the side.

Signed on the back. 

The old brushed buckle, removed. 

Ready for storage.

The new Wotancraft buckle ready for installation.

Installed. :) easy....

Closer view (but still soft).

The back of the buckle.

A much better photograph. This time figured what went wrong (thank you Internet). 

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