Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Casio G-Shock, where are they made?

This information is based on my collection. I will change and adjust the information as and when I get new information that differs from the information listed below. This list may not be complete. As for the age old question of which is better, I am of the opinion it is the same.

Basically G-Shocks are made in:

Japan ca 1996
Japan H ca 1984
Japan M ca 1994
Japan Y ca 1997
Japan T ca 1994
Japan K ca 1998
Thailand Y ca 1996
Thailand H ca 2005
China Y ca 1996
Korea C ca 1995
Korea T ca 1993
Korea Y ca 1998
Malaysia ca 1995
Malaysia Y ca 2001

The letters after the country name may indicate different factory. at present this is just a speculation. The year indicates about which year the first watch was produced from the factory. We then have the odd ones like Japan Y movement but assembled in Thailand and Malaysia. Buckles are also made in China and Indonesia. Then we also have those made in Taiwan but not reflected as such.

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