Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DW-8030G, the clean up

In an earlier post, I reviewed my DW-8030G-1V Casio G-Shock. In that post I said that I was not happy that the watch display had fogged up due to age. So I decided to try and clean it up.

This is the picture of the watch before it was cleaned.

So the first step was to get my tools together. A screwdriver, a tweezer, a spring bar remover, a piece of cloth and my movement pad. So remove the straps. Then unscrew the case back. Pop out the movement. Then I thought, if I was going to clean the watch, I might as well clean the entire watch. So I removed the bezel as well.

The Bezel

The case

The movement. Ok it is not as pretty as mechanical movement, but it does what it promises, shock protection (and does it well, and no I don't work for Casio).

Now for the hard part. How to clean the display. Well I started with my trusty Bergeon cloth (I don't work for them either :) ). Not very clean. So, what was next? Well it is a G-Shock, so let's try mild soap and warm water. Got myself a soft brush (used toothbrush) and some mild soap. Run the case under the tap and brush away (gently, of course). Dry the case carefully with a hair dryer (set at low heat). Use a blower to remove any lint and dust. Display now very clean.

The parts to put back together.

Lubricated the seal and carefully assembled the watch. The end result? I am happy.

A close up of the display. The white markings you see at the top of the display (above the 'CASIO' is actually excess rubber from improper trimming of the bezel. I should have trimmed it but I prefer to leave it original). As you can see, it is cleaner. Now on to my Sky Force G-Shock......

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