Thursday, May 28, 2009

Casio MD-703

As you may already know, the Casio MD-703 is one of my favourite watch. I like it because of it's size and also it is one of the few large analogue watch that Casio made. However there is very little information on the Internet on this watch. What little I could find I will post it here. So far this is what I know:

MD Series 200 m Water Resist
Launched: 1/5/1988
MRSP: $169.95
3 models:

MD-703-1AV Black dial
MD-703S-7AV White dial
MD-703? Black dial with gold trimmings (same as the MD-703-1AV, except the hands, the bezel, bezel screws, bezel markings and crown are rendered in gold)

Advertisement of the MD-703


The MD-703-1AV


Sadly I do not have the gold MD-703 or a photograph of it.

In recent time, this watch is slowly gaining in popularity. This can be seen from a recent auction (2007) where the prices for this model have doubled.

"..... the Casio MD-703 dive watch was a sleeper, and these two examples are good ways to end this installment. It looks like the word is getting out on these chunky divers. The black dialed version sold for a whopping $564.96 and the harder to find white dialed watch sold for $239.80".

I currently have both the black dial version (after a 21 year search) and the white dial version. I believe the hunt for the gold version will take another 21 years (hope not).

Recently, my MD-703S-7Av 'died' on me and I had to do an operation to salvage the watch. Anyway, now that everything is OK, here is my review of the MD-703S-7AV. This is an update of a review which I did in

Module: 394

Technical specification:

Analogue 3 hand watch: Hour, minute and seconds
Calendar: Day (English and Spanish) and date at 3 o'clock position
Case: Titanium Ion Plated, Screw Lock Crown, Mineral Glass
Water Resistant: 200 m
Size: Diameter: 48 mm, 49 mm at largest point, lug width: 22 mm, thickness: 12.5 mm

As can be seen from the photograph, this is a big watch. The white dial is no longer white but is a bit off white. The day and date window is at the 3 o'clock position. The crown is a screw down crown and has 2 position adjustment. The first, for the date and day and the second for the time. As with any quartz watches, it 'hacks' when the crown is pulled to time setting position. Adjustment for the day and date, clockwise for date and anti-clockwise for the day. The day alternates between English and Spanish during adjustment. The date changes at midnight, but the day changes between 1 am to 4 am.

The all important question, how is the luminosity on this watch. The watch has lost some of it's luminesce and at max it will last about 1 hour. There is no luminesce markers on the bezel. The bezel rotates anti-clockwise as any diver watch would. It takes 60 clicks to a full turn of the bezel.

The case looks like it is made of 3 parts, with 8 screws holding 2 parts together at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock position, and it is made of 3 parts. This design has a drawback as the bezel cannot be rotated as easy due to the retainer lugs. The case is Titanium Ion Plated (early form of PVD?) and the case back is Stainless Steel. The case back is a screw back and is polished. The markings on the case back are: Casio, Module Number, Model Number, Stainless Steel and Water Resistant around the center. In the center is the serial number and Japan K. My newly acquired black dial has its serial number in the 1XXXXX range and the white dial, 8XXXXX. I have seen models on the Internet with serial number in the 9XXXXX range.

The crown is the screw down type crown and is large and easy to use. Crown shoulder protectors are provided.

This watch no longer has it's original band. It is currently fitted with the Casio AMW 320 Series Black Resin Band. The original band has a textured internal surface while the new band (original replacement band for this watch) has the typical anti-slip ridges along the edge of the band. The band is made in Japan as is the buckle. The band is slightly wider then the DW-5600E band. It is smooth on the outside. Internal markings: 200 F2 on both bands. The buckle has a little lip at the tang rest.

The watch itself is not heavy to wear and is very comfortable. It is a beautiful watch and the 'wabi' gives it additional character. It is a piece that will not be out of place among more expensive divers.

I recently acquired the black dial version of this watch, the MD-703-1AV. The watch is currently undergoing servicing which includes cleaning, battery change, new band, spring bars and the crystal replacement. I will post that process soon.


  1. Hi:

    I just discovered your blog as I searched for info on the casio md-703 I just picked up while traveling in Paris. I'm more of a Seiko fan, but I couldn't resist the beastliness of this watch. I thought I overpaid slightly until I saw the gmt+9 post. Not that I'll be selling mine anytime soon...

    I'll be adding your blog to my rss feed and looking forward to more great info!


  2. Hi Justin,

    Welcome to the blog. Wow! which model did you get? Good catch, wear it with good health.



  3. Hi Ivan,

    Great to read your blog! I've got an MD-703S-7AV as well, but it stopped functioning some time ago. At first I thought that the battery had to be replaced, but the Casio repair center told me that it was the module that had ceased functioning, and they couldn't help me further.
    Any idea on what to do now?


  4. Hi Paul,

    Welcome to the blog.

    If you refer to the post 'Saving MD-703S-7AV' in the month of May, you can see how I restored the watch after the calendar function 'died' on me. Basically look out for old Casio analogue watch with 3 hands and day/date function. Chances are it will have the module 394. Buy the watch and get your friendly neighbour watch repairman to change the module for you. The models to look out for: MQ502, MD510, MD705, MD770, MQ538, MQ61, MQ66, MRD201, MRW81, MW300, MW304

    Hope that helps.



  5. Hello Ivan,

    Congratulations for such an excellent job in your blog! It is always a pleasure to read it and "travel along" so many horological journeys!

    Speaking of which, I managed to find a picture of the three MD-703s together in a watch forum (can't remember which or where, much to my chagrin) and if you would approve, I can send it up.

    Yet again, here's my appreciation for a great blog you have!


    Marcello GT

  6. Hi Marcello,

    Welcome to the blog. Thank you for the kind words and your support for my blog. I hope to bring more things to the blog. As for the MD-703, yes, it would be nice to see the picture of the 3 MD-703 together if you have them.

    Best regards,


  7. HELP! I've owned the black-faced MD 703 since it first came out. It had been a reliable, tough and, given its robustness, a beautiful watch. My issue is this.. mine stopped working and nobody including Casio seemns to have replacement parts for it. The watch is cosmetically in perfect shape and I would hate to think that I will never get it running again. Any advice you or anyone from this site might offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Happy Holidays!
    Alan P.
    Austin, TX

  8. Hi Alan,

    Welcome to the blog. Firstly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Now to the important thing, to address your question, I understand what you are going through as I had mine die on me as well. I have tried getting a replacement module but failed. However, you can buy another watch with similar module and have it changed. Any watchmaker can help you change the module. Refer this blog entry for the list of Casio watch with the same module. This is what I did for my watch.

    Hope that helps. I have also sent you an email on this. Good luck.

    Best regards,


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  10. Nice Blog..! I have Casio MD-705C Diver Japan with rotating bezel, all st.steel made, also on back cover Casio Marlin Fish Logo engraved.

  11. Hi, just discovered this site while looking for any info on my white faced MD703. Just got it working after a few years but doesnt keep real time. It is still in good conditon so may get a watch maker to have a look at it.



  12. Hi brendopoo,

    Welcome to the blog. I like the white face MD-703 as well. I am sure your watch maker should be able to correct the problem.

    Best regards,


  13. Unfortunately, I can't set the day or date on it

  14. Hi Darron,

    Welcome to the blog. With regards to your problem, it may be the same problem I had. Sadly the only way to solve the problem is to change the module.

    Best regards,


  15. Hi Ivan

    I've only just found your blog and I've been looking for info on this watch for some time. I have a MD-703-1AV, had it so long the original strap actually disintegrated!

    Can you tell me, is it financially worth while getting the luminous points repainted? I love this watch and have only recently brought it back to life and am keen to get it 'glowing' again.


    Nick (UK)

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  17. I own a md703 black face. I need the screws for the bezel. Any ideas?

  18. Hi I have a md 703 unfortunately I’ve been told my circuit board has gone and Casio no longer produce them do you know whwer I might be able to have this fixed it’s black face white dial and gold bezel this watch was originally my dads so I would like to have it working if possible

  19. Ebay seller dimar2018 sells the 394 module.

  20. I had my MD 703 blackface for 30 yrs. it’s also missing one of the bezel casing escrews and a couple of watch repair shops couldn’t find a match. Did u find one? Mine still works!!!

    1. Hi Silverstone fan,

      You can try the local Casio Service Center. All the best with the hunt.


  21. I just found one of this on my grandfather house, so cool! aperently its all original, i just need to change the battery..
    I also found a MD-708 and a AMW-320, and also have the original band of these 2!

  22. Nice block.I own this watch from 1992.I bought it with my first money 90,000 drachmas in Athens and I wear this clock till now.It is an amazing watch and I think I will not change it for ever.

  23. Hi Ivan
    Nice review, I also have a md703 black dialed version. I have been posting your post,
    I have had mine for about 20 years now, I wish I could post a picture for you to see. I am fairly active on face book fan pages , more watches easy to post
    Are you on facebook?
    I could send you a pic