Tuesday, November 08, 2011

DW-8030G battery change.

Yet another battery change. This time it is the turn of the DW-8030G-1V. 

The DW-8030G-1V and it's brother the DW-8040G-1V. Both the watches are basically the same with minor differences. The major difference is when you press the light button (on the front), the DW-8030G will display 'Time To Get Tough' while the DW-8040G will show a 'flipping coin'. 

Both watches are no longer with me as I have given them away to a good friend (and his better half). 

Anyway on to the battery change. 

As usual, make sure you have all the right tools handy before you start. Since I have changed the battery in this watch before, I don't have to remove the straps to gain access to the case back. If you are new at this, I suggest you remove the straps to gain access to the case back. Also you don't have to worry about the straps getting in the way.

The case back removed. Remember the orientation of the rubber damper, least you install it the wrong way (which I did in another watch).

Remember not to disturb or lose the little spring you see sticking out of the module. That is the contact between the module and the peizo-electric speakers on the case back. If you lose it, you will lose the 'sound'.

The removed case back, screws and rubber damper.

Unlatch the battery holder. Use a thin screwdriver to unlatch it. Just gently pry the 'hook'.

The module, ready for battery removal. Remember to use a non-metal tweezers to remove the battery. You do not want to short out the module.

See the 'dead' display. 

The battery removed. Check to make sure there is no dust or dirt or anything else inside the battery compartment.

The new battery. The watch uses the CR2016 battery.

The new battery installed. Check and make sure everything is in place before you latch the battery holder.

Also check and make sure the display is 'alive'. And most important, don't forget to reset the module. You don't want to install everything only to find out that the module 'does not work'. 

Once everything is OK, reinstall the rubber damper. Don't forget to lubricate the rubber gasket to ensure water resistance.

Finally, install the case back and adjust the watch to the current time and date. And there you have it, how to change the battery in the DW-8030G watch. 

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