Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magrette Regattare Bronze Vintage

So what did I get? Well, I have been contemplating getting one since I wrote about the watch here: 

Actually there is not much to think about. It offers one of the best value of money in terms of getting a watch with the most popular case material in 2011, bronze. 

But I was at that time (and still is) streamlining my watch collection, so that took a back seat. Finally I decided that the time is right. So here is the watch. 

I tried my best to capture the brown dial and the 'gold' hands. I think it came out well. The bronze has started to 'patina' and am loving it. I plan to let it patina naturally.

A closer view of the dial.

I have to say that I am impressed and was also pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the watch. Also I think the watch looks better on the optional tan strap. I understand a darker brown strap is being developed (and bronze buckle as well)  and will be available in mid December. I think that will be the best combination. 

Look out for a review soon (as soon as I can take it off my wrist).

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