Saturday, November 12, 2011

OT What to do on a wet chilly afternoon....

Today was a wet and chilly autumn day here in Taiwan. So we as a family decided to head up north and have a seafood lunch. After a good lunch, we decided to stop at one of the many coffee shops (or cafe) that line the beach. 

So what do you have on such a day? As you can see it is a gloomy day indeed. The black spot in the left of the picture is a surfer.

The rough sea, waves lapping the beach. 

So what do you have? A cup of warm chocolate with a nice flower decoration.

Perhaps two cups of chocolate, this time with a pair of chocolate ferns.

If you are bold, cold chocolate with chocolate roll and cream.

Maybe even a waffle with ice cream.

The only way to eat the waffle. Just lovely.

But you need to be careful of the gummy bears, least they 'attack' you.

And best of all, the watches to go with the day.....

A pair of Radiomirs, PAM00183 and PAM00337.

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