Thursday, March 29, 2012

Casio New Mook

I have not been following Casio for sometime now. In fact my collection is slowly moving to the home of another Casio collector. Anyway, there is a new Mook (Magazine bOOK) out on the popular Casio G-Shock. It is not really a new Mook as it has been out about a month. The Mook is published by KK Bestsellers and it is printed in Japan. The ISBN is 978-4-584-22208-9. 

The Mook, unlike earlier Mook on Casio G-Shock, seems to focus on the current G-shock collection. There is not much in terms of historical references, i.e. no list of past G-Shocks. There are however lots of cut-away and blow-up (?) photographs of the current models. It is 100 pages thick.

The magazine.

Front cover.

Back cover.

Some of the content.

Collaboration model. I had the Stussy model. 

Current G-Shock models.

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