Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tudor 7016 update

The Tudor is still with RC/ TSC. Sigh.... Well at least they are doing their job by really checking the watch serial number. 

In the meantime I have been scouring the Internet for a bracelet. I have manage to establish from popular Rolex forums and even from RSC/ TSC that the original strap or bracelet issued with the watch is the reference 7836 and subsequent model, the bracelet reference 9315. Note that there is no 'T' in the reference as these watches were originally issued with a Rolex bracelet and without the flip lock. 

I realised that I have an extra bracelet that I got from the GMT Master reference 1675 (I have 3 bracelets with the watch, the original rivet bracelet, a replacement bracelet and the current bracelet fitted to the watch). Got it out and had a look. It was a reference 78360 which is the 'updated' strap to the reference 7836 (folded bracelet). End links reference 558. Not sure if it will fit the Tudor but will try it out once I get the watch in a couple of weeks time. Anyway I want to use the watch with a fabric strap and I have one from Bambi (Japan). 

I got down to 'servicing' the bracelet. More like cleaning....

Stripping down the bracelet.

The clasp.

The bracelet.

The pins and clasp spring bar. Note the wear on the pins. 

The build up. Complete bracelet with 13 links.

The bracelet ready for the watch.

There is some stretch, common with Rolex bracelet. 

I will continue to search for a reference 7836 bracelet.

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