Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tudor 7016 update

Well the owner has decide that he will sell me the watch. So today we took a little trip to RSC (Rolex Service Center) to have the watch check out. I have posted the watch on a number of Rolex Forum and have gotten positive inputs on the watch. 

At RSC, Rolex confirm that the watch is indeed all original. The serial number, the movement caliber, ETA 2483, the twin lock crown, the dial, the hands, basically everything is as it should be.

That is the good news. The not so good? Well, they can't confirm the matching. In that they mean the snowflake dial and hands to the serial number. The reference 7016 started life with a non snowflake dial and Mercedes hands. Only in later batches, in early 70s, was the Snowflake introduced. For this, RSC have to contact Rolex Swiss to check and confirm. This will take a month. 

The owner was OK with this and still would like to sell me the watch, once everything is confirmed. I agreed and so we wait. 

The technician at RSC told me that there is no more parts for the watch and it should not be my daily wear watch. He even suggested I get the new Tudor Pelagos. Funny. So I guess this would be my second and perhaps final vintage watch. The first being the Rolex reference 1675, GMT Master. I would like to add to the collection a Rolex reference 5513 Submariner, but we will have to see how this develops. I do like to be able to wear my watches, so perhaps the reference 14060 or 14060M may be a better option. 

The 7016/0.

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