Monday, March 19, 2012


Been very busy the past few days. Trying to find a new house and other things. Now that it is all over (I hope) things will be back to normal. Anyway, I got these today, much to my surprise. I thought it would have taken much longer but am glad to receive them (bravo FEDEX). 

The strap from Peter Gunny is in the house. I have heard much about them but have never gotten one. Now I have two, one for the Bell & Ross and the other for the Panerai. I have to say that first impression is great. I like my straps raw and tough and the Gunny straps does not disappoint. 

The straps. 

For the Bell & Ross.


For the Panerai, from the 74 series.

The Gunny signature.

Look out for the review soon.

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