Monday, March 12, 2012


Been very busy lately, house hunting, medical check up, car hunting, etc. So busy that I did not even follow what was happening in Basel 2012. Well, now that everything has 'calm' down a tad, we can focus a bit more on watches. 

Anyway, I had a surprise when I got back today. There was a package from Canada. Could it be? The straps from Combat Straps? My first custom made straps. I was very excited. 

Rip apart the package and lo and behold a red pouch. The strap I ordered for the Bell & Ross must be inside. Yes it was and along with it a couple of surprises. 

The strap. WWII vintage leather. Nice colour and very very soft. I like it. I like my straps rough and tough.

Signature on the back across the two ends. The founders initials as well.

Look out for the review very very soon. Also on the surprises. 

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