Friday, January 11, 2013

MKII Stingray crown replacement

One of my favourite watch is from independent small manufacturer MKII in the Stingray 50. I like the watch because it is a homage to the very beautiful Blancpain Fifty Fathoms from the 50s. I am still hoping for MKII to release a larger commercial production of the TR1000, but in the meantime, the Stingray will do. 

Sometime back, while I was wearing the watch, some accidentally nudge me and the watch fell. My heart fell along with it. I quickly picked up the watch and looked and inspected the watch. I did not see any damage. Phew.... But was I so lucky? 

Sadly no. When I got home, I tried to unscrew the crown. I could not. I tried harder and it finally gave way. I thought it was all OK, but on closer inspection.....

The stem tube was seized to the crown and have gotten unscrewed instead of the crown. Heart sank. I tried to separate the crown from the stem tube but failed. Did not have the right tools. 

Another view. 

Sent the watch to my friendly watch guy, but he too failed. 

What to do. I thought and tried to contact MKII and see if they stocked parts for their watches. I did not expect much as they are a small company and I did not expect them to stock the parts. What more, the Stingray has long been discontinued. 

To my surprised, MKII responded and they have the parts. Happiness. A few days later....

The package....

The parts list....

The parts, very well protected in bubble wrap. 

The new crown. 

The stem tube and at the top of the photograph, the metal gasket. 

Since I do not have the right tools and expertise, I sent the parts and watch to my friendly watch guy.

The watch with new crown, stem tube and gasket. And WR tested. Happy I am.

The damaged crown and stem tube. 

The crown and stem tube together. 

I have to say that I am first and foremost surprised that a small independent watch company would keep stock of parts.  It is not cheap. I learn something new everyday. But this of course is not a blanket statement for all small independent watch companies. Secondly, the service rendered by MKII to resolve the problem was first class, as was getting the parts to me. I am indeed suitably impressed. 

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