Monday, January 14, 2013

Ted Su Diver strap repair...

I like technical stuff (being an engineer and all) and that is one of the main reasons I like Ted Su Diver strap. It is the buckle that drew me to the strap. Anyway, one of the issue I have with the strap or buckle is the buckle itself. Rather a part of the buckle. It is the piece that hold the strap locked. After some time, the piece started to break or crumble. I contacted the people at Ted Su and they told me that they know of the problem and is working on an improved piece. They told me to hold on and after about a month or so, they sent me the new improved part.

The new piece. Not too sure of the material but looks like plastic to me. 

A closer view of the part. 

The part uncovered. Note the dimples on the part. It helps to lock the strap in place.

A well made piece. It could be carbon fibre? 

The inside or bottom side of the part. 

The Ted Su diver strap. I like this strap. Am tempted to get his new rubber version.

The suspect part...

Tools, or rather tool. :)

The screws that hold the parts in place. A real work of engineering. It is interesting to note that the screw threads is not at the end of the bar but near the screw head. Additionally, the bar itself has some play or allows limited movement. I believe this allows for some play within the buckle when worn, so that it not so rigid and stress out the buckle and strap. 

You can see how the screw/ bar sits in the buckle/ clasp. 

The broken part. 

The buckle disassembled. You can see the broken part. 

The new part with the old. I could not see the difference. Perhaps it is in the material used. 

The re-assembly. It is very easy actually. Well made or engineered parts. 

The top lever attached. This presses down on the strap and against the black part and locks the strap in place.

I just love the buckle/ clasp. Nice and very well made. 

The strap finally assembled. 

Testing to check everything is correct.

Happy again. 

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