Monday, January 07, 2013


I am waiting on this strap. This is a special strap as it started life as a Special Edition strap from Simona or Di Stefano Straps. Along the way, it has been transformed to what it is today. 

Started life as a special edition Papillon strap. Simona added the 1/4 stamping at the tip of the strap. Why 1/4? Well, there are 4 of us in this small grouping of WIS. 

I like the buckle, which is blued steel buckle. 

The 'bbkk' writing was done locally (not in Taiwan) but Malaysia. bbkk is a group of WIS, 4 of us in the group. We trade information, educate and do all things watches. A small cool grouping. bbkk is actually a Sabahan slang, 'buli bah kalau kau', which in English means 'for you, no problem'. 

The main question, which watch.....

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