Thursday, January 03, 2013

Strap change, LACO...

I like this watch lots, the LACO WUS LE watch. I was on the original group when it was first mooted but dropped out due to various reasons. Anyway, I was presented with an opportunity to purchase one, it was all go. Sadly it was not complete. The original black strap was missing. So as a replacement, I fitted it with the Bonetti strap I had. 

Sadly after some time, the strap gave way around the point where the strap sits in the buckle. 

The watch fitted with the Bonetti strap. I do like the strap, soft and very comfortable. 

The split. I guess this is one of the problem with an unstitched edge strap. 

The other side.

I asked my friendly watch guy if he could source a strap for me. I could go for any straps but I wanted an aviation or pilot type strap. After a couple of days, he calls me and shows me this strap. I like.

ZRC strap. Cool. Did not expect it. 

Get out the correct tool. 

Strap replaced. Looks good. I like it. Very comfortable.

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