Monday, November 25, 2013

Pinion Clock Mobile App

It has been sometime since I last wrote about applications for the iPhone or iPad. Well, the following application is available on both platform, iOS and Android. It is the Pinion Clock mobile app. 

The application is free and it shows timekeeping with the watch from Pinion Watch Company as the base clock. The application features the following:

Time: displayed via hours, minutes and seconds
Power Reserve: This actually shows the battery life of the device. That is cool...
GMT function: The arrow on the bezel shows GMT
Day and Night modes

Pinion Watch Company have indicated that more features will be made available on the next iteration of the application. 

The application on Night Mode.

The application on Day Mode.

How to use the application.

How the application will look like on iPhone and iPad....

If you like the application, just head down to the respective application market and get it.

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