Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today was a busy day. After sending everyone to where they were suppose to be, I went tool hunting. Why tool hunting? Well, I am lucky enough to be part of a project a few friends put together. So part of the things we have to do is to source some tools for the project. More will be revealed later....

So ended up at this street/ road in Taipei where you can find tools and watch shops. Most of the big boys in Taiwan have a presence here, along the street/ road. 

Some of the watch shops.

Patek Boutique.

Other shops.

Anyway they were not open. I was very early. :) 

This was the focus of my visit. The tools shop. Lots and lots of tools....

They carry mostly Bergeon branded tools. There are other brands like Horotec and independent  brands. 

Case back opening tool. 

Crystal press tool. 

Dust cover for disassembled movement. 

Strap removal tools. Got these for a couple of friends. Wrongly marked. :) It is No. 6767-F.  

How to use the tool. 

Did I get anything other then the strap removal tool and the dust cover? Nope. Just checking prices. 


  1. Hi sotr,

    Welcome to the blog. With regards to your question, I am not really sure of the street name. I will update this when I go there next and get the street name. Sorry.

    Best regards,


  2. Thanks. It looked familiar but the street name escapes me.

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