Monday, January 20, 2014

Panerai Novelties 2014

It is interesting to see the Panerai 2014 collection. There are a slew of watches under the historic collection coming in at 44mm (a size that seems to have been neglected in the past few years) and the use of the new P.5000 8 days movement. There seems to be lesser special edition watches (unique edition in Panerai 2014 speak). 

Anyway, the novelties...

Radiomir 1940

PAM00518 Radiomir 1940 Chronograph Platino. Special edition 50 pieces, 59,900 Euro.

PAM00519 Radiomir 1940 Chronograph Oro Rosso. Special Edition 100 pieces, 44,900 Euro.

PAM00520 Radiomir 1940 Chronograph Oro Bianco. Special Edition 100 pieces, 46,900 Euro.

We can expect to see these watches hitting the stores sometime in October. Personally, I like the dials, the use of the California and 2533 dial on a chronograph. 

Luminor 1950

PAM00557 Luminor 1950 Left-handed 3 Days Acciaio. Normal production, 8,200 Euro.

PAM00579 Luminor 1950 Chronograph Monopulsante Left-handed 8 Days Titanio. Special Edition 300 pieces, 17,300 Euro.

Pocket Watches. Yes, you read it right, pocket watches. Pretty cool of Panerai to launch pocket watches in this of age. 

PAM00447 Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Rosso. Special Edition 50 pieces, 55,000 Euro.

PAM00529 Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Bianco. Special Edition 50 pieces, 58,000 Euro.

Pendulum Clock. Yes a pendulum clock. Interesting. An alternative to the JLC Atmos, maybe? :)
PAM00500 Pendulum Clock, 33,000 Euro. 

Looking at the price, I guess not... :(

Luminor. There are 5 new models, all powered by the Panerai in-house P.5000, 8 Days Power Reserve Hand-wind movement. These will add to the PAM00510 and PAM00511 introduce last year. Will these new 8 Days Luminor and Luminor Marina replace the current PAM00111, PAM00112 etc is yet to be seen. At the moment they are all listed on the Panerai website. These are all regular production models. Expect to see them in the stores in May or June.

The new 8 Days models:

PAM00560 Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio. 6,100 Euro.

PAM00561 Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio. 6,100 Euro.

PAM00562 Luminor Base 8 Days Titanio. 6,500 Euro. I like this watch, love the brown dial and titanium case.

PAM00563 Luminor Marina 8 Days Acciaio. 6,400 Euro.

PAM00564 Luminor Marina 8 Days Titanio. 6,800 Euro.

The watches will have similar case back.

And there you have it, the Panerai 2014 Novelties. Well, so far.... as Panerai has been known to release more models as the exhibition progresses.

For more information and technical specifications of the novelties:

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