Monday, June 16, 2014

Double trouble...

My wife finally 'found' her Ice Watch that she 'lost'. Evidently it was in one of her many pouches. Anyway, as luck would have it, the battery in both watches were dead...

A romantic view of both watches... 

The pair...

Tools out..

Disconnect the clasp to have easy access to the case back...

Locate the opening tab on the case back. While the case back have the pseudo notches to make it look like the case back is a screw down case back, it is not. 

The snap back case back.

Closer view. Not too sure what the marking on the sticker means.... :)

The movement and the spacer cum battery holder. 

The movement, Miyota.

Closer view. Unadjusted, 0 jewels. 

Since the watch is a quartz watch, better to pull out the crown to disconnect the circuit. 

The spacer cum batter holder. 

The movement and the bottom of the dial.

To remove the battery, you need to push this lever aside. The battery will pop out. 

A closer view (not really).

The battery. 

The new batteries. Two for the pair. 

The new battery in. Remember to use a non metallic tweezers to put the battery in. Don't want to damage the circuit.

Spacer in. Check the watch is working before you close the case back. And don't forget to lubricate the gasket.

The watch, all ready to go. 

Since I was changing the battery to this Ice Watch, better change the battery to the other Ice Watches I have... (did I say I have?)

The Tron Ice Watch...

The Time Roller...

All done, ready to close. 

Another happy watch. 

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