Monday, June 16, 2014


I always enjoys GTG with friends. Lots to see and lots to 'play'... and this time it is no different... 

Lots of interesting watches....

Maranez Bangla and Tag Aquagraph..

To me, one of the best watches from Tag..

Fitted with the Caliber 60. One of the ultimate tool watch, with chrono buttons that can be operated underwater.

One watch I never expect to see...

The Montres Militaire, Officier De Marine 47mm Mil No. 7101. Limited Edition of 799 pieces. 

Awesome bronze watch. Well made and very butch...

Awesome case back.

With my Maranez..

Even more watches... from left, Maranez Bangla, Bell&Ross WWI Monopusher Chronograph Heritage, Montres Militaire and MWF 5th Anniversary watch. 

This is one beautiful watch. I like...

The VDB 5th Anniversary Mystery watch. Limited Edition of only 30 pieces. Very cool watch. 

The case back with the 5th Anniversary markings. 

The watch... The Omega Speedmaster. This is the most desirable 1968-1969 'Pre-Moon' Speedmaster with the traditional Omega Seahorse Case back engraving (minus the 'First Watch Worn On the Moon' and the current engravings). This watch is powered by the Omega 861 caliber. 

What more can you want in a watch? Well maybe the caliber 321? :)

The watch is fitted with the GasGasBones strap that was inspired by the original strap by NASA. 

Well made strap on a beautiful watch. I like.

The VDB, the Speedmaster and the Maranez. 

What more can you ask for... 

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