Monday, September 08, 2014

Zenith boxes

Recently I had the opportunity to compare the packaging that comes with the Zenith El Primero Rainbow Flyback. Mine is the black version of the Rainbow and the other packaging is from the colourful version.

The packaging.

The lower black box is mine while the brown box is the colourful Rainbow. Mine is from 2009 while the Rainbow is from 2011. Would the colour of the box reflect the colour of the watch inside? 

This colour theme is carried down to the wood (?) box where the watch sits. The top box for the Rainbow and the bottom for the black. The white spots are flakes from the internal padding material. 

The brown box for the Rainbow. Note the position of the Zenith crest. 

The black box for the black. The Zenith crest sits higher in the black box compared to the brown box. 

Interesting yes? 

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  1. The Zenith boxes in the photos look cool, but I don't think the older Rainbow Flyback and Rainbow models from 90s came in those unless they were swapped out by the Dealers. They originally came in nice wooden cases with Zenith emblem which by the way look cool as well!

    I like your articles on the Zenith Rainbow El Primero timepieces.
    Good job!