Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zero Destro?

A good friend was asking into the possibility of modifying his PAM00000 or Zero into a destro or Left-hander. Interesting question indeed. I know that the Zero uses the Panerai OPI movement which is based on the ETA/ Unitas 64XX movement. Panerai has the PAM00219, which is basically a Left-handed base watch which the Zero and the PAM00112 are as well. The PAM00219 uses the Panerai OPX movement. The two movement are the same save for the decorations and the Swan neck regulator. 

So is it possible? 

The Panerai PAM00000.

The Panerai PAM00219.

Photographs: Panerai

The drawings of the ETA64XX...

From the pictures above (and below), it looks like it is possible as the dial feet is located at the same place when the movement is rotated. 

Pictures: ETA

But would it be historically correct? Was there ever a Zero in destro guise? Oppsss.. was there ever a 5218-201A in destro guise.

Evidently there is...

Photographs: 9Maiali

But is it real? Well, evidently the Panerai 5218-201A was never designed with a destro version, but there was one that was modified by Panerai (Mr. Mario Paci and Mr. Ferdinand Chellini). Interesting to note, Mr. Paci said that there were modification(s) made to the dial feet. I guess it is not as straight forward after all?

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