Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zenith El Primero Rainbow Flyback, black vs colour...

Recently I had the opportunity to 'play' with the Zenith El Primero Rainbow Flyback. Yes, I do have one, but mine is the black version. This is the colourful version. 

Basically, the two watches are the same minus a couple of differences. The case and bracelet are the same.

So what are the differences between the two watches?

My watch is the black version. 

A closer view. The main difference is the colours on the dial and bezel insert. 

A closer view. 

So, lets begin with the dial. The legends are a bit different. Both dials are signed 'ZENITH' and 'El Primero'. On the Rainbow, you have 'AUTOMATIC' below the El Primero, while on the black, you find 'FLY-BACK (NOTE: both watches have the flyback function). 

The next difference are the hands. The chrono seconds hand on the Rainbow is red and has a luminous marker while the black is white and is not luminous. The same for the 30 minute register at the 3 o'clock position. The hand on the 12 hour register and the sweep seconds hand on the Rainbow is of the dauphin design while it is needle shape on the black. Finally, the hour and minute hands on the Rainbow have a floating effect as the base of the hands is rendered in black while on the black, it is plain white.

The register on the Rainbow is also different. The sweep seconds register on the Rainbow is smaller compared to the black. You can see that the register on the black cuts the 10 o'clock marker more compared to the Rainbow. It also cuts the top of the 8 o'clock marker. The opposite is true for the 30 minute chrono register. It is larger on the Rainbow. 

The 30 minute register on the Rainbow have the 3 minute marks. This is to help when making phone call as in the early days, phone calls were charged in 3 minute block. This helps the callers to know when each block is up. Additionally the register have the green, yellow and blue colour blocks with white blocks in between. Some say these are aviation colours. 

The other difference is the bezel insert. On the Rainbow, the first 20 minutes is rendered in red. On the black, it is silver/ white. 

Another view. 

Those are the differences that I can spot. Did I miss anything? 

The watches, side by side. 

Have to say that my Zenith is as monochrome as the Pelagos. 

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