Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zenith bracelet Part 2

Here are some photographs to show the proper tool being used to adjust the Zenith bracelet, or for that matter, any metal bracelet. 

No need to use hammer and punch. Just use the tool to push the pins out. No vibrations. 

The pin is out and ready for the next step. 

Needle nose pliers...

Ready to do its work..

Photographs: Prof. Dr. Alex

What the tool looks like.

Photograph: Shamelessly borrowed from the Internet

Now, remember how I posted earlier that I would not or hesitate to remove my bracelet from the watch. Well, on the new Rainbow Chronograph, it is very different. 

The new Zenith Stratos Flyback Chronograph. The latest iteration of the Zenith Rainbow chronograph. 

The metal bracelet and its end link. Or so we thought...

The bracelet removed. The end link stay with the watch. The bracelet is held by spring-bars. Can it be removed?

Yes, but not the conventional way... The end links are held by screws, two per end link. How cool is that. It is so much easier. 

The removed end links with the retaining screws. 

The holes on the case. 

How the watch would look like if mounted on leather...

Photographs: Watchionable

In fact you can read a review of the new Zenith Stratos Rainbow Fly-back here:

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