Friday, January 18, 2019

Ohtsuka watches

I spotted these watches on a recent trip back to Malaysia. It was being sold in a sports shop. I don't really know much about the watches. I figure since they were being sold in sports shops, their target market are sportsmen (?). I did not  look at the prices but I suspect they would not be that expensive. 

Anyway, the watches offer pretty much the basic functions you would expect from watches in this category. You have the time, auto-calendar (date, month, day, week), 1/100 chronograph with split function and EL backlight. I am not sure about the water resistance rating.

It is fitted with Japanese movement.

I don't think the sensor thing works but I could be wrong. 


  1. Anyone know where can get to replace stripe?

    1. Hi Gan,

      Cant really help you on this as I don't know much about the brand. Try google?

      All the best.


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