Saturday, January 12, 2019

Seiko diver strap change

One of the reasons I like Seiko divers is the vented rubber strap that comes with the watch. The strap, although tough is very comfortable and if you are daring, can be moulded or 'curved' to fit the wrist better.

However the major drawback of the strap is that after sometime it becomes brittle and will break. Sometimes it will give you a warning, i.e. the strap keeper will go first, or it will just break. 

And when it breaks, it really breaks.

I lost the lower half of the strap.

However it is easy to order the replacement strap. There are 2 types of strap, the straight vented strap and the wave vented strap.

You can just order the strap by its more popular moniker, the Seiko Z22 strap, 22 denotes the strap width.

The remaining strap crumbling. 

Actually it does not help that I was using the 'fork' type spring bar removal tool. The better tool to use to remove the Seiko spring bars is the knife or blade type spring bar removal tool. This is because the Seiko spring bars lack the shoulder for the fork to sit in. The edge of the spring bars, especially the fat ones, actually sit flush to the sides of the watch lugs making removal with the fork type a bit difficult.

The watch head, washed and ready to strap fitting. Note the Seiko fat spring bars.

The old and new straps. Comparing the buckles. The new one carries the -Z while the old one is the -F.

All done.

Don't forget to keep the old buckle. 

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