Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Something unexpected...

I saw something unexpected when I was in Japan. It just shows how much I have been out of touch with the watch world, especially with Casio G-Shock. 

One of my favorite Casio G-Shock is the DW-5700 from 1987. I had one when I was in school. Sadly it is no longer with me. Little did I know that Casio did a reissue of the DW-5700 series. It seems Casio reissued these. 

Photograph: Casio

Casio released the DW-5750E-1 (top) and the DW-5750E-1B (bottom). 

These is based on the DW-5700, the second round face G-Shock from Casio. The first being the DW-5400. 

To cut the story short...

I just had to do it. The outer box is different from the boxes I am used to. 

The DW-5750E-1.

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