Monday, January 14, 2019

Watch shopping in Malaysia 2018

It has been sometime since I posted something like this but here goes. It will be a few places to shop for watches.

First we have the Gardens in or at the Mid Valley Megamall in KL.

Rolex Boutique. There is another in Mid Valley which is connected to the Gardens. 

You can find a nice selection of watches here.

This is interesting as I like Hublot. 

This place offers a unique shopping experience. It is not just a watch shop, more a gentleman shop. You half expect to see the Kingsman to come out of this shop anytime. :)

Next we have NU Sentral near KL Sentral. An interesting place to come and shop. It is the transport hub of KL.

Swiss Watch Gallery.

These two shops are actually connected and are under the same management. 

The usual suspects...

These were the latest malls that I visited when I was back in Malaysia. 

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