Monday, June 15, 2009

Casio G-101-1AVMDS

This is my Casio G-101-1AVMDS. There is not much information available on this model or the G-101 series. It is similar with the G-100 series with the only difference being the LCD (that I can see). On the G-100 series, the LCD is either the reverse display (inverted) or the background of the display is clear. On the G-101, the background is orange. With such limited information, I don't even know when this watch was first issued.

A little bit of background on how I got this watch. I always liked the analogue/ digital display watches and getting the G-100/ G-101 was a logical choice. I found out that there was a G-101-1AVMDS Black Force watch. I went on a hunt. There was 1 available on the Malaysian Ebay site and I asked my friend to bid for it. The photo of the watch matched the photo of the Black Force version. Sadly after winning the bid and getting the watch, it was not the same watch. Oh well....... I was not too unhappy as I liked the watch that I got as well.

The Black Force G-101-1AVMDS

My G-101-1AVMDS

The difference being the index marks.

Basic Specifications:

Module 2327
Antimagnetic Watch (ISO rated) - more on this later.
Electro-luminescent backlight (LCD only)
Dual Time (3 time zone possible)
Stopwatch: 1/100 second, measuring capacity: 23:50'59.99", measuring units 1/100 seconds (60 minutes) 1 second (after 60 minutes), elapsed time
Daily alarm
Timekeeping: Analogue: 3 hands - hour, minutes, seconds Digital - Hours, minutes, seconds (12/ 24 hour format)
Calendar: Month, date, day (auto calendar to 2039)
Size: 49.6 X 47.8 X 15.7 mm
Weight: 65 g
Battery: CR 2016

According to Casio, this watch is Antimagnetic, ISO rated. I have my doubts on the ISO rating as Casio also states "Though this watch is designed to withstand exposure to magnetic force, you should still keep it away from machinery and appliances that generate a strong magnetic field. Exposure to strong magnetism can cause timekeeping to slow, affecting timekeeping accuracy."

This watch comes clad in a stiffer resin as compared to other G-Shocks that I have. This extends to the bands. I suspect that this stiffer resin is not as good as the softer compound. Why? As you will see in all the photos, there are whitish powder substance on the bezel and band. Attempts to clean the substance by using water and soap has not produce good result. The use of a clean white soft eraser is the best method.

There are number of interesting aspects of this watch. Some good, some bad. The common complaint about this watch is that the analogue hand adjustment button is not recessed enough and that inadvertent operation is possible. Why is this a problem? Well the analogue adjustment is a one way adjustment. If you accidentally operate the analogue adjustment button, you will have to hold the button a good 5 minutes for the hands to go around (12 hours) back to the correct time. I personally do not think that the accidental operation of the button is possible as the button is recessed and there are the shoulders that prevent the wrist from operating the button. I suspect that the owners (who own other Casio) are use to having the adjust button where the analogue adjust button is located. The digital adjust button is located opposite the analogue adjustment button.

The analogue adjustment button on the left (recessed). One press of the adjust button advances the analogue minute hands by 20 seconds.

The digital adjustment button on the right.

The other interesting thing about this watch is the mode change function. When mode change is selected to alarm, ALM is shown on the LCD for 2 seconds before the time is shown (12:00 AL). The same for stopwatch, STW is shown for 2 seconds before 00:00 00 is displayed. Same for dual time, DT for 2 seconds before the time is shown. In addition to the words, there is a fixed bar at the bottom of the LCD that will show the mode the digital display is in, AL, ST or DT.

The stopwatch can only measure elapsed time. No split time measurement is possible. I suspect this is due to the fact that there are insufficient buttons to allow this function. The top left hand button is for the analogue time adjustment. The lower left button is the mode button. The top right button doubles for the digital time adjustment and the 'Start', 'Stop' and 'Reset' button. Yes, you read it right, the same button for all 3 function. You select this button to start and stop the stopwatch. To reset, press this button for 2 seconds and the stopwatch resets. The last button, the lower right button is for the EL backlight. Allocating this button for split time measurement would cause the battery to wear out faster.

This watch does not offer the countdown (timer) function.

Now, we come back to the dual time function. Like I said earlier, the watch is capable of showing 3 time zone. The analogue, the normal timekeeping mode and the dual time function. So you can set the analogue display to one time zone, the digital display to another and the dual time to a third time zone. The only problem with this is when setting the alarm, you need to remember to account for the different time zones as the alarm is based on the digital time.

The design of the watch is very interesting. The hour hand is in red and it stands out. It actually matches the red 'G-Shock' wordings on the bezel. Both hands are lumed, so is the index markers. The hour index markers looks good as it is made of stainless steel and filled with luminescence material. The lume on this watch is not that good. Fully charged, the lume will last about 15 minutes. After an hour, the hands are virtually unreadable at night. The LCD background is orange as stared earlier. However this does not make the LCD any less readable. In fact I like it (the original MIRO display?)

Compared to the overall size of the watch, the black dial is small (30 mm). I prefer this dial as compared to the G-100 dial as the G-100 dial has the 'heat beat oscilloscope' as the background. The dial itself has 2 'tones'. The inner circle extends to the tip of the hour index markers (except the 12, 3 and 9 o'clock markers). The inner circle is textured while the external ring is matte. 2 grey lines extend from the center of the dial, ninety degrees from each other to the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock index markers. The watch antimagnetic capabilities is highlighted with the words 'ANTIMAGNETIC' at the 6 o'clock position, just above the LCD.

The case back is typical Casio. It is the standard stainless steel plate held by 4 screws. It has a matte finish with the vertical brushing. It has the G-Shock logo in the center. Around it the normal markings: module number, model number, stainless steel back, water resistant rating and this is where it gets interesting. Japan movement but cased in Thailand, as opposed to made in Japan or made in Thailand.

The bands are well made, but a bit stiff. It is smooth on the inside as well as on the outside. The breathing notches are present along the side of the band. The exterior of the band is grooved along the center line. The band is curved allowing for a good fit when worn. The markings on the band, 523 F4 16 (indicating the lug width? - 16 mm)

The buckle is made in Indonesia. The buckle is well made and the engraving is good. The tang rest is slightly raised.

Overall, I like this watch. I am biased as I like ana-digi watch (borrowed from Citizen or Seiko). What I don't like about the watch is the resin used which seems to 'produce' the whitish powder even when it is not used. Perhaps with constant use, the whitish power will be less evident. The watch is heavy even though it does not have the metal screw back. I suspect it is because of the antimagnetic design of the watch. As I like some heft in my watches, I like the weight. It does make it's presence felt.


  1. Thx for the info, mate.
    really helpfull :)

  2. Hi doubt2think,

    Welcome to the blog. Did you get one?

    Best regards,


  3. well, i'm still thinking between this G101 or DW6900MS military edition to choose. which one do you think is better? any sugestion? lol.

    Thx again.

  4. Hi doubt2think,

    The simple answer would be to get both. But I don't think that was the answer you were looking for. Well it depends on your needs and like. The most important is which watch 'sings' to you. Do you need the dual display of the G-101? That is to say, do you need the analogue display? The other is can you live with the negative display of the DW-6900MS? I know of some who have gotten the MS, only to sell it because of the negative display. What about functionality? Do you need the countdown timer? Dual time?

    All the best with the decision.

    Best regards,


    but i will go go for G100

  6. Hi Shashi,

    Welcome to the blog. Hope you enjoy the watch and wear it with good health.

    Best regards,


  7. perfect review bro,
    i got one maself, nothing special about it except for i love mine :)
    reminds me of a Tissot T-touch design ,thats actually why i went for this model.
    only thing that bothers me is that the battery life ,for mine at least, was 2 years only!
    im gonna replace the battery maself and i have ordered one Panasonic and one Energizer Cr2016 batteries.
    figured these are the best brands on the market.
    nice thing about this watch is that the seal in the back is attached to the steel plate; i have seen videos of G-shocks where the seal was just a ring hanging there.

  8. Hi aknel,

    Welcome to the blog. I believe the battery life is dependent on your usage. As for the seal (gasket), it is not attached to the case back (steel plate). It is stuck there because of the silicon grease and is not part of the case back. You will need to remove it and lubricate it. After lubrication, position it on the case as leaving it on the case back can cause the gasket to be damage if it has 'moved'.

    Best regards,


  9. Ivan,
    the usage wasn't something unusuall, but i believe it was REALLY short for a Casio.
    anyway i will be getting my batteries today and will replace the battery and you are right about the seal. i double chkd it and apparently it comes off :)
    i do not have silicon grease, i hope normal lub grease will do (i dont even know it silicon grease IS the normal grease)

  10. Hi aknel,

    All the best with the battery change. I have to say that sometimes it is the battery. When I changed the battery on my X-33, the first battery could not power the watch. I had to use a second battery and that worked.

    Best regards,


  11. where can i get band & bezel for this model?

  12. Where can i get band & bazel for my G101 in Malaysia and what the price?

    1. Hi Azlin,

      Try your local Casio Service center. All the best.



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