Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Viceroy Watches

Just found about this brand. It is called Viceroy and it is a Spanish brand. It has been around since 1951 when it was a Swiss watch company. The Munreco Group currently holds the rights to the brand. It holds the rights to the Sandoz brand as well. The Muncero Group is also the Spanish distributor for Maurice Lacroix.

The range of watches under the Viceroy brand:

Antonio Banderas series
Real Madrid series
Top series
Barca series
Shakira series
Fernando Alonso series
Sporting de Gijou series
Mecanique series
Steel & Gold series
Viceroy series

For more information:

A sample of Viceroy watches:

Photographs: viceroy-brand.co.uk


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  2. These are junk, with Chinese all-plastic movements. Also, they cannot be serviced without a dealer, as the casebacks require lots and lots of force with a special vise to put them back in. Presumably to discourage opening and seeing the plastic Chinese movements inside.