Sunday, June 07, 2009

Its Sunday, so a bit OT.

I know this blog is all about things horology, but since the military bug bit, the search for things military is on. This is off topic but I thought I share this.

I was at a flea market yesterday. Spent about 2 hours there. Nothing interesting until I came across the following stuff, a compass and some toys. All you see below was for the grand total of USD2. Yes, USD 2.

First up the 'military compass'. I can't verify if this compass is real or a toy or a reproduction, where it is made or even military, but it looks like those used in the military. The seller could not help either. He found it. Anybody?

Anyway I don't even know how to use it. The compass is made of metal and is painted green. The dial (?) of the compass is white and the markers are luminous. It has an acrylic glass and there is a cyclops lens. The scale is 1:50000 meters.

The 2 points that hold the copper wire is also luminous.

In the next photograph, you will see the other item that I got at the flea market.

The little green soldiers. 27 off them. These are the standard 2 inch type. I had these when I was a child.

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