Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Casio MD-703-1AV restoration (long)

I have looking for the MD-703-1AV for a long time. As luck would have it, 1 came up in WUS for sale. Best of all, it was in Taiwan. Got down to the business of purchasing it. Got it the next day. The watch has been through a lot with the former owner, as can be seen from the photographs below. Notice the 'wabi' on the case and on the crystal.

Photographs: Chuck WUS

The watch came without the straps and the spring bars. So now to restore the watch. First step is to clean up the watch. This watch is about 21 years old, so lots of DNA on the watch.

Pitting corrosion evident around the crown shoulder protector.

Remove the stainless steel case back.

Remove the crown and module.

Crown and movement holder cum spacer.

The module, Module 394. The lume has begun to have black spots.

The minute ring.

The o-ring. It is flattened. A new o-ring is required.

The case cleaned. Soft brush and mild soap for the first round. Soak in warm water and soft brush with tooth paste for the second round. Then off to the ultrasonic cleaner (at the watch shop). Notice the bluing of the metal case. I don't know why it is there. The other MD-703 did not have this. The bluing is evident at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position.

The case after I cleaned it. Now, the watch is ready to be sent off for crystal replacement and further cleaning.

After a week, the watch is back. The old crystal. Note the scratches. The crystal is 2 mm thick.

The watch with its new crystal. Where is it? Is it fitted? Crystal clear (pun intended). I am beginning to love this watch more and more.

Now to reassemble the watch. The new o-ring, as round as an 'O'.

Insert the minute ring. Remember to align the ring to 12 o'clock position. Next the module goes in. Align the dial with the cut-out on the minute ring. Insert the battery and check everything works.

Lubricate the new o-ring and install it. Also install the spacer cum movement holder.

Got new spring bars and wanted to get the OEM rubber band, but decided against it. Got this military inspired straps (ala Seiko straps for their new military range.... review coming soon).

Fitted the straps and the final product? Here it is. I am happy, very happy indeed.

The brothers together. Now for the gold version, anyone have one and want to sell it to me? Please..... :)


  1. hola tengo el reloj que buscas para formar el trio osea el dorado que te falta esta completamente nuevo. si te inreresa mi c orreo es

    Hi. i have the clock that you are findign to complete the collection (the golden edit). It´s like a new. this is my mail

  2. Hi jairo,

    Welcome to the blog. Thank you for the offer on the gold version of the MD-703. However I have decided not to pursue the watch any longer as I have stop collecting.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,