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The G-5600K-7DR is one of the watches issued by Casio in collaboration with I.C.E.R.C., The International Cetacean Education Research Centres. Cetacean are marine mammals that comprises of whales, dolphins and porpoises. This watch was part of the 2003 I.C.E.R.C. issued series. The full series comprises of the following:


I have 2 of the 6 in the series.

Basic specifications:

Module 2597
Electro-luminescent back light with full auto EL light
Tough Solar
Dual Time
Stopwatch: 1/100-second stopwatch, measuring capacity: 99:59'59.99", measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place time
Countdown alarm/ timer: Input range: 1 minute to 100 hours (seconds settable in 10-second units)
Daily Alarm: 5 independent daily alarm (4 one time alarm and 1 snooze alarm), hourly time signal (chime)
Battery indicator
Power Saving Mode (Turns off the display when the watch is left in the dark)
Calendar: Day, month, date (Auto calendar to 2039)
Timekeeping: Hour, minutes, seconds (12/ 24 hour format)
Battery: CTL1616
Dimensions: 48.9 X 43.0 X 13.7 mm, weight: 52 g

This is a very interesting model from Casio. It is very unique. The numerals on the LCD is blue and not the standard black. The line around the LCD is also rendered in blue. I figure this is because of the marine theme. The LCD is surrounded by a solar panel which charges the battery and powers the watch. This is the Tough Solar module 2597. The top left hand of the LCD is the battery charge indicator. It is shaped like a leaf to indicate that it is eco friendly. Above the battery indicator is the word 'SAVE'. This is to indicate that the 'SAVE' function is on. This function will turn the watch off when it is kept in the dark. This is to save the battery charge.

As this watch is clad in clear rubber, the case or body of the watch is moulded in white resin. You can just see the case through the clear rubber clad. While the clear rubber clad is nice to look at, it does yellow with age. This does give the watch a cheap ugly look. Fortunately, the yellowing is consistent throughout the watch, so the effect is not as bad. Some owners call the clear clad clear jelly. The wording 'G-SHOCK' and 'PROTECTION' is in black and it stands out against the clear jelly.

The case back is typical Casio. It is a stainless steel plate held by 4 screws. The case back is matte with vertical brushing. In the center of the case back is I believe the I.C.E.R.C. logo which is made up of a whale, a dolphin (?) and a man swimming. Around the logo are the wordings 'The 3rd. International Dolphin & Whale Eco-Research Network'. I have no idea what that is. The standard Casio G-Shock markings surrounds the logo, module number, model number, stainless steel back, made in data and water resistant rating. The watch is made in Japan (Y).

The buttons are a pleasure to use, large and very tactile. As with most Casio, there is a confirmation 'beep' when the mode button is selected. The watch will cycle through time display, countdown alarm, alarm, stopwatch, dual time and back to time display. The 'beep' for the return to time display is different (not much) from the 'beep' when cycling through the functions. This helps the user in that the user knows when he is back to the normal time display. Unlike the DW-5600E, this watch does not reverts to normal time display when the mode button is selected once an operation has been selected. What this means is, after you have adjusted the alarm in the alarm mode, you will have to cycle through all the other modes to go back to normal time keeping. The current time is displayed in all modes except stopwatch. What I like about this watch or rather the module is that it has the dual time function, much like the old DW-5600C.

The EL back light on this watch is nice as it has the I.C.E.R.C. whale. While the EL light is bright, it is not as bright as the normal DW-5600E EL and does not stay on as long. This is to conserve the battery charge. Also if you press the EL repeatedly, the 'RECOVER' signal will come on and the light will not work. You will also lose sound and some functionality if the battery charge goes down too low.

The band on the watch is also made of clear jelly. It has a lot of words silk printed on the band. It has I.C.E.R.C. printed in black with wavy lines below it (the sea waves) on the top band.

On the lower band, you have 'ALL AS ONE'. I do not know what this means. You also have the words 'DOLPHIN & WHALE ECO-RESEARCH NETWORK' and the whale at the tip of the band. The 'DOLPHIN & WHALE ECO-RESEARCH NETWORK' is printed in 3 shades of blue, starting with a darker blue and ending with a lighter blue. The band keeper is made of stainless steel and has the whale logo stamped out. As you can see from the photo above, the blue protective plastic has not been removed. This watch is a safe queen.

As usual, there are the raised bumps along the edge of the band. The markings on the band are 413 H1. I find that the band is a bit stiff but still comfortable. There are no markings to indicate where it is made in.

The buckle is made in Japan. It is my opinion that the buckles made in Indonesia has better etching or engraving as compared to the buckle that are made in Japan. There is a raised portion at the tang rest.

Charging the watch can take some time if the charge is low. The best way to charge the watch is to use the watch and go out in the sun. It may take a couple of days in the sun to bring the charge from the mid point to full. Even when the battery charge indicator shows full charge, it may not be fully charged. Some owners advise to put the watch by the window sill with the watch in a cup of water. This is to prevent the watch from overheating when charging. Sometimes the LCD will turn all black when being charged. This is normal and the LCD will return to normal display once it cools down.

Overall, I like this watch. However, with the use of the clear jelly, I have this fear that it will and show stains more readily. Replacement parts are difficult to get. It is fitted with the infamous module 2597, which is known in its early life to have issues with charging and keeping charge. In fact, I just had the CTL1616 battery changed in this watch as it could no longer hold charge. I have read that this problem has been resolved in the later modules. I hope that Casio will also improve on the aging quality of the clear jelly of future I.C.E.R.C. models.


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