Friday, December 25, 2009

Am I ready to be a Sinn-er?

The Sinn bug has bit me big time. Recently I went around looking at what is currently available in Taiwan. There were some interesting pieces and that makes choosing more difficult. I have basically narrowed it down to the Sinn Diving series of watches. Somehow, the Sinn 857 from the Instrument range is also interesting. The question is, if I need the water resistant rating of the Diving watch....

The Sinn 857 watch.

Photograph: Sinn

Anyway, it is either the U1 or U2. I have to decide between the basic U1 or U2 or one of those S or SDR watches. The difference being the Tegiment treatment, and is it applied only to the bezel or the entire watch and also if I like the all black watch. I also have to justify (to myself and better half) the price difference between the U1 and U2 and also the different versions U1 and U2.

The Sinn U1.

Photograph: Sinn

In my look and see session, I manage to confuse myself further. Why? Well I manage to find the following watches on sale in Taiwan. These are limited edition and limited production Sinn. I found out that I can get a Sinn U1 for about NTD 56,000 or USD 1,700. That price is still subject to a little bit of negotiation.

Then comes the limited edition Sinn Tempus Limited Edition of 250 pieces. Of course this watch is pre-loved, but still in good condition. I would rate it about 90 to 93%, because the white index markings on the bezel has some missing paint. The watch was listed at NTD 80,000 or USD 2,400. The price is before discount.

Then I found the Sinn Tempus U Black. I understand it is a limited run of 399 pieces. Together with this watch was the recently sold out limited production Sinn U1 W (white). I did not manage to check out the prices for these watches as I ran out of time. Maybe sometime next week as I will be away for a family vacation until mid next week.

The Sinn U1 W.

Photograph: watchbuys

The Sinn U1 Tempus (left) and Sinn U Black (right).

Photograph: watchinghorology

Anyway, I am more inclined towards the U2. But I have yet to find any being sold here in Taiwan. Most of the shops I been too have the U1 but not the U2. More so the Sinn U2S. Well I am not in a hurry. I think I am ready to be a Sinn-er, it is just the question of which watch.

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