Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Casio MD-703-1AV

This is a small review of my Casio MD-703-1AV. This watch belongs to the same series as the MD-703S-7AV that I reviewed earlier. I have always like the watch and was very lucky to get this black dial version.

MD Series 200 M Water Resist
Launched: 1/5/1988
MRSP: USD 169.95

Technical specification:

Function: Hours, minutes, seconds, day and date
Case: Titanium Ion coated, 44 mm diameter, 12.5 mm thick, lug width 22 mm
Movement: Casio Module 394 quartz
Crystal: Mineral Glass, no AR coating
Water Resistant: 20 ATM


The case is made of 3 parts, the bezel retainer, the main body and the case back. The bezel retainer and main body is made of Titanium which is Ion Plated (early form of PVD?) and the case back is Stainless Steel. The design of the case is unique as there are no lugs for the strap. With the straps removed, the watch head just a round piece of metal. The case and bezel retainer are well made. You will be hard pressed to find any tool marks on the case.

The bezel held to the body by 8 screws. The screws holds the 'bezel retainer' to the body at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock position. This design has a drawback as the bezel cannot be rotated easily due to the retainer lugs. The bezel lugs also acts as the lugs to attach the strap.

The bezel is well made and has a brushed finish. The bezel insert is black and has all the necessary minute markings. Unfortunately, the bezel does not have any luminous markings, even at the 12 o'clock position. This is a drawback in the design. The bezel rotates anti-clockwise as any diver watch would. It takes 60 clicks to a full turn of the bezel.

The case back is a screw back and is polished. The markings on the case back are: Casio, Module Number, Model Number, Stainless Steel and Water Resistant around the center. In the center is the serial number and Japan K. The serial number has been removed for privacy reasons.

The crown is the screw down type crown and is large and easy to use. The crown measures 5 mm in diameter and is 4 mm thick. It has deep serration that helps to provide positive grip. The crown has 2 position adjustment. The first, for the date and day and the second for the time. The crown is unsigned. Crown shoulder protectors are provided.

From the photographs, you can see a lot of 'wabi' and pitting corrosion on the body of the watch. The watch was well used and well 'loved'. I like the 'wabi' on the watch.


The watch is powered by Casio Module 394. This is a basic 3 hand movement with day and date display. The day and date is displayed at the 3 o'clock position. As with any quartz watches, it 'hacks' when the crown is pulled to time setting position.

The movement has the quick day date adjustment function. Adjustment for the day and date, clockwise for date and anti-clockwise for the day. The day alternates between English and Spanish during adjustment. The date changes at 1 o'clock while the day changes at 2.


As can be seen from the photographs, this is a big watch. However, the dial itself is small compared to the overall size of the watch. The dial measures 28 mm in diameter. The dial is matte black. It is a simple dial with circular and rectangular hour markers. The rectangular markers are at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock position. The rest have the circular markers.

The dial has a day and date window at the 3 o'clock position. The day date display is black on white background. It would be nice if it was the other way around.

The dial is signed 'CASIO' at the 12 o'clock position and just below that is the legend 'QUARTZ'. Above the 6 o'clock marker we find the water resistant rating of the watch, 'WATER RESIST' and '200 M'. Below the 6 o'clock marker we find the following legend '111A1-936 JAPAN A'.

The all important question in a diver watch, how is the luminosity on this watch. The watch has lost some of it's luminesce and at max it will last about 1 hour. From the photographs, you can see that some of the markers have already deteriorated.


The hands on this watch is shaped like 'arrows' and it suits the overall design of the watch. The hands are polished and is filled with luminous material. Even the second hand has the luminous material. This is important in a diver watch as it shows the diver that the watch is still working.

The hour and minute hands are easy to differentiate as they are of different design. The minute hand does not reach the minute markers, which is on the 'rehaut'. If there were minute markers on the dial itself, the hand would reach it, but that would, in my opinion, spoil the beautiful dial. Reading the time off the watch is easy.


The original crystal that came with the watch was badly scratched. This even with the fact that the crystal is positioned about 2 mm lower as compared to the bezel. I had the crystal replaced. The new crystal measures 2 mm thick, as was the old one. I was told the replacement crystal is not original Casio but generic crystal cut to the exact specifications of the original. There is no anti-reflection coating on the crystal.


This watch no longer has it's original band. It is currently fitted with the Casio AMW 320 Series Black Resin Band. This original replacement band (for this watch) has the typical anti-slip ridges along the edge of the band. The band is slightly wider then the DW-5600E band. It is smooth on the outside. Internal markings: 200 F2 on both bands. There is no indication of where the strap was made, however it did say made in Japan on the little plastic bag that came with the strap.

The buckle is of stainless steel and is made in Japan. The buckle is 'polished' and is well made. The buckle has a little lip at the tang rest.


From the photographs, you can see that the watch is big. However the watch itself is not heavy to wear and is very comfortable. The lack of a proper lugs makes the strap fall in-place around even the smallest of wrist (lug to lug only measures 32 mm). It is a beautiful watch and is well made. As earlier stated, I find the 'wabi' gives it additional character. It is a piece that will not be out of place among more expensive divers. It is one of my favourite watch in my collection.


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