Monday, December 14, 2009

It has been a very Sinn-ful month....

It seems that I have been noticing this brand or rather it has been jumping out at me in the last 1 month. It started with my brother getting his Sinn Watchbuys Limited Edition U1 on rubber strap.

This was followed by my cousin who was wearing his Sinn U1 (on rubber strap).

Then at school while picking up my kids, I saw 3 guys with Sinn watches. Between them there were 2 Sinn U1 on rubber strap and 1 Sinn U2 also on rubber strap.

And recently while visiting the doctor, I walked past a watch shop and they had this for sale, The Hour Glass Sinn Tempus on rubber strap.

Photographs: watchbuys

I am guessing someone is trying to tell me something? Looks like it is time to get some rubber straps... :)

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