Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Attacker

It is good to be back. Anyway, I am very excited. After a long wait, 5 years if I am not wrong, I finally got in to order the Attacker. Hope to see it in the next 5 to 10 days. If you are not familiar with what The Attacker is, well it is the Desktop Incursore by The Watch Boys. 

The Watch Boys, commissioned the construction of a a model of The Incursore (The Attacker) in 2005. The model sold out fast. Since that time, I have waited and even contemplated getting one made. But nothing gives satisfaction like getting the original. To cut the story short, The Watch Boys have decided to have another run of the model. 

The Attacker.

Photograph: The Watch Boys

The model is made of solid resin and measures approximately 7.5 inches in height. It is a bobble-head model, which to me adds to the fun of having one. Also I think it is must have to all who collects 'that Italian, Swiss made' watch. 

I have seen the model before and have to say that the detailing on it is just awesome. It has the full vintage wet suit, leather straps, re-breathing gear, wristwatch, depth gauge and compass (no doubt made by that brand). Now I just have to finish my SLC model.....

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By the way, the Watch Boys are also known for their leather products, more so their straps. I may end up getting a strap from them for my IWC Mk XV as there are not many independent strap makers that make 19 mm straps.

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