Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roskopf Pocket watch

My dad gave me this pocket watch a number of years ago. Sadly it has been sitting in my drawer for a long time. Today I decided to take it out as I am currently photographing my entire collection. 

It is an interesting pocket watch. Sadly I cannot find much information on the watch. Anyone with any information on the watch please drop me a line. I really appreciate it.

I am not even sure of the pocket watch is original as most of the same watch on the Internet has a red logo where as mine has a black logo. Some of the pocket watches have the logo at the 9 o'clock position, i.e. the movement is rotated anti-clockwise by 90 degrees. At least it is still running. I am currently timing the watch.

Thus far I have established the watch as the Roskopf Geneva 1896 Switzerland Expo pocket watch. And that is it. Yes there is a lot of history on Roskopf, here:

but nothing really on the watch that I have.

The pocket watch. The chain is not original to the watch.

The case back.

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