Friday, February 11, 2011

An unexpected find...

I was not expecting to find this watch on my recent holiday. The watch has been out of stock or has been discontinued for sometime now and what ever little stock that is left has been sold out (from what I understand). What watch am I talking about? It is the MKII Stingray. I wanted to get the TR1000 from MKII but the first release has been long sold out and it is unsure if there will be any new releases. Additionally, the news/ rumours is that the new Stingrays will be the new TR. So this is a great gap filler.

I have been apprehensive about getting homages as from previous experience, homages have been a case of hit or miss, with miss being most of the time. Also I am a very hands on person, more so with watches costing above USD 500. I like to see and feel the watches before I buy them. 

Back to the story. I was surprised to find this watch. It was in pretty good condition, I would rate it close to being brand new. There were no scratches save a few on the lugs from strap change. The package came with an extra strap and extra spring-bars (in addition to the ones supplied by MKII). I like the box the watch comes in as well. 

The watch, Stingray MOD2C. Currently fitted with a tropic strap, just like the original, well from the photographs anyway. 

The watch is a homage to the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms from 1953 with the 3, 6, 9 and 12 Arabic hour markers. I do like watches with this type of dial. 

The original with the Tropic strap. A beautiful watch.

Photograph: Blancpain

It is nice that MKII made the Stingray as an updated version of the watch with a date complication. It is very discrete. The Arabic hour markers are not as thick as the original and the font for the minute markers is different. The bezel is not the same acrylic luminous bezel as the original, although I understand that it was offered by MKII for a short time. The crown is also different, more modern I think. 

I picked it up and have to say that the reviews are correct. It is very good value for money, lots of watch for the money. Very good quality and finish. No regrets. Now it forms part of my daily watch rotation together with the Benrus and Marathon.

The daily rotation.


  1. Ivan, if you ever get tired of the MKII, let me know...I'd love to take it off your hands! :-) I have been on the lookout for one here in the states, for a decent price, without much luck. Beautiful watch!

  2. Hi Aaron,

    I think I will hold on to this one. If you want I will keep an eye for another. I am also thinking of getting the Stingray 50 MOD1B version.

    Best regards,