Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Ralph' is in the house....

Finally it has arrived. After a long wait, The Attacker is finally in the house. I somehow remember some Panerai collector (Paneristi) calling it 'Ralph'. So, Ralph is finally in the house. I am a happy guy. 

I have to say that the guys at TheWatchBoys, especially Kurt, deserve a big THANK YOU for re-issuing The Attacker. For those who are worried about shipping, let me assure you that TheWatchBoys pack it well. Just look at the photographs below.

The un-boxing.

The Attacker is made of resin and it is well made. Yes, it is made in China, but what is not. It is very comical with its bobble head. It is 7 inches tall and I do like the detailing. It spots a full vintage wet suit and leather straps and re-breathing gear. I assume the wristwatch, depth gauge and compass would all be made by Panerai

The Flottiglia MAS shield.

The watch and compass. Note the very recognisable locking mechanism on the watch.

The Depth Gauge.

It has a fixed base and has the 'Flottiglia MAS' crest on it. The Decima Flottiglia MAS was an Italian commando frogman unit of the Italian Navy during the Second World War. Decima Flottiflia MAS stands for Decima Flottiglia Mezzi d'ASsalto or La Decima or X MAS (10th Assault Vehicle Flotilla). MAS is also a reference for the light torpedo boats used by the commando during the war. 

Anyway, no photograph of Ralph is complete without the watches. And here they are, left to right: PAM0003B, PAM00111H and PAM00183J.

The watches from left to right: PAM183J, PAM00111H AND PAM00003B.

And of course a photograph of my favourite boys of action.

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