Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Watch Shopping in Malaysia Part 8

Well not really a all out review of watch shopping in Malaysia but I am currently in Malacca (Melaka) in Malaysia. It is a historic town about 100 miles south of the capital Kuala Lumpur. I was driving around and I noticed a number of watch shops. However the interesting thing is that most of the shops I see are not really watch shops but a combination of optical shop and watch shop. Never seen this anywhere else. How cool is that.

Most of the 'watch shops' I saw was on one of the main street in Malacca. The road is called Jalan Bunga Raya or Celebration Flower Road. Actually, Bunga Raya is the Malay name for the Chinese Hibiscus, but I digress.

I only took photographs of three shops but there are about five shops (if not more) on this road. All the shops sell the popular Japanese brands like Seiko, Citizen, Alba and Casio. They also carry the normal list of fashion brands and local brands like Crocodile and Bonia. I am not sure where to find Swiss brands but I would guess in the many malls you find in the city.

I like the rustic feel of the city.

Three of the many shops along the road.


  1. For upscale watch shopping in Malaysia, the Starhill Gallery in KL is a must!

  2. Hi Herr Pedersen,

    Welcome to the blog. Yes I agree that Starhill Gallery is one of THE place to go. But we must not forget KLCC, Lot10, Mid-Valley's The Garden and Pavillion. I hope to visit Pavillion and Starhill sometime soon and will write about it.

    Best regards,