Wednesday, January 11, 2012


One of the straps arrived. It is this one.

It is a strap from Heroic18. It is made of Italian leather. 

I like it for various reasons.

This is the main reason. The sub buckle.

Well made and finished buckle.

Thick Italian cocoa strap (4 mm) with copper stitching. 

Signed tip.

The sub buckle. Since it has a sub buckle, the only watch it can be fitted on is....

Yes, this one, the PAM00390. Why? Because it has the 'pig' on the case back. The before photograph, fitted with a Wotancraft.

Now with the new strap. I think it matches the watch well.

A wrist shot.

However this may be short lived as I have the following strap on order and I think it will be a better fit. Which strap? No, not the Ted Su but the Museum Exhibit Special Edition (10 pieces?) from Steve and Simona. From what I understand, these are 'extra' from the straps commissioned by the Italian Naval Museum to replace the old straps of their Panerai exhibit.

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