Monday, January 16, 2012

Panerai Novelties 2012

12 new watches. A spectacular release indeed. At the moment my wallet hates me. Of well, on with the show. From Panerai press release.

PAM00395 SE.

PAM00396. A regular production Tourbillon. How cool is that.

PAM00398 SE.

PAM00399 SE. I like this piece but it is out of my league.

PAM00422. Good news, it is not an SE.


PAM00424. Nice, a regular production cali dial.

PAM00425. Another regular production model. I like this one as well.


PAM00441. The leather strap version of the PAM00438.

PAM00448 SE. Simply beautiful. 

PAM00449 SE. What else is there to say. Just like the PAM00448, simply beautiful.

Photographs: Panerai.

12 watches of which 5 are Special Edition. My personal favourite? PAM00425, PAM00448 and PAM00449. 

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