Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ted Su Dive Strap

I got this strap the other day but due to the excitement of SIHH 2012, it never got posted. To set things right, here it is. 

I got this strap pre-loved but still in good condition. Hence the time taken for it to get to me. You have to remember that I am in Taiwan where the strap is made by Ted Su. I have to say that it is one of the most 'butch' strap that I have. The strap itself is made of fabric (?), but it is the buckle that makes the strap. It is one awesome work of engineering. 

The strap. 

The buckle. Very well made and I love the brushed finish. 

Ted has a background in Engineering and is a machinist by trade and it shows in the buckle.

I can only think of one watch in my collection that deserves the strap, the PAM00243. It is the most 'butch' watch I have in my collection. It is currently fitted with a strap from Wotancraft.

Not anymore. 

I have to say that it matches the watch well. I would fit this strap on the larger and 'tougher' watches or even instruments in the Panerai range like the PAM00193. But it already comes with it's own buckle like the one Ted produces.

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