Thursday, January 26, 2012

IWC Year of the Pilot

I like the IWC pilot watches, have always liked them and always will. I liked them so much that I had two in my collection, the Mk. XV and Mk. XV Spitfire Special Edition. Sadly I gave them up as they were 'small' on my wrist, being 38 mm in diameter.

This year, 2012, is the year of the pilot watches. If I remember correctly, the last time IWC 'redid' their pilot watches, it was 2006. It was the year IWC decided to streamline and standardise the pilot watches. Again, this year, IWC have decided to streamline the collection and update the line. You can read more about the watches here:

There are a couple of watches in the new line-up that caught my eye:

The new Mk. XVII, reference 3265. The watch has grown, now it is 41 mm in diameter (2 mm larger). I like the new size and I also like the fact that IWC did not enlarge the date font size to cope with the new size. I like the direction taken in enlarging the date window to show the date before and future and making it look like the dial of an altimeter.

The case back.

The new Big Pilot. I love the Big Pilot watch, more so the reference 5002 which came out in 2002. The reference 5004 came out in 2006 and now we have the reference 5009. I am not too sure what are the major difference between the reference 5004 and the 5009, but one of the thing I read is that IWC have improved on the winding stem design to prevent or reduce the likelihood of stripping the threads. I will update on this once I learn more.

The new Big Pilot Top Gun, reference 5019. A real big watch at 48 mm (2 mm larger than the BP) with the new zirconium oxide case. I like this watch. I especially like the seconds hand with the red aircraft silhouette.

The case back with the TOP GUN logo.

The new Big Pilot Top Gun Mirama. I am still out on this model. Have to see it in real life. I do find the dial design interesting as it is reminiscent of the B-dial of the B-Uhr watches on the 40s. 

The case back with the more discrete Top Gun logo.

Photographs: IWC

I am sure IWC will do well with the new updated Pilot collection. 

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